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Babs of litter picked by Harlington volunteers

Litter Pickers and Pie Club

Where You Should Be

The Litter Pickers and Pie Club is an initiative made up of self-empowered individuals who care about their local environment.


Responsible citizens simply acting alone or together with family and friends to help improve the state of their local community and the world in which they live.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead


How it all started

One person from Harlington in Bedfordshire decided enough was enough. Litter discarded along their lanes, roads and hedgerows was becoming a big problem. Lockdown had increased fly-tipping in the area and general waste disposal had got worse.


So he picked it up

and so did family and friends

They got organised

with hi-viz jackets and pickers

and cleaned up a lot!

. . . need more bags!

The little things we do

It's the little things we do that mean a lot. From the action of one person, the Litter Pickers and Pie Club evolved. The initiative has now filtered into schools and other local communities nearby.

Teach our children
Put rubbish in the bin poster made by children

Getting schools involved

We have undertaken painting competitions with local schools to produce posters about litter, it's blight on local community and how we can fix it. The posters are fixed to our local community litter bins for a short while to demonstrate our children's support.


A local Litter picker from the village of Harlington in Bedfordshire

Embrace community spirit

As individuals we can collectively help change the world around us. Get involved by adopting your own street, road or close. Keep it free of litter and together we can clean up the world! 

Join here

Inspire Others

Name plate at the HQ of Litterpickers and Pie Club

Expand the network

Other villages have heard what we are doing and want to do the same. Residents of Toddington and Sundon Village are joining the initiative. The Pie Club is growing and so will the enviromental quality of our villages, towns and cities.

Litterpickers and Pie Club Logo

Come and join us

Committed to Serving the Community

We are not really a club - more of a collection of self-empowered individuals who want to help improve their community and the world in which they live. We can all make a difference and our Pie Club of Litter Pickers is proving that. Who doesn't like eating pies? We socialise and have fun. Individually and collectively we are helping to shape the future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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